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4Front is now officially 4Front®

We just thought we’d share an exciting development with you here are 4Front. As recently as yesterday, 4Front is now Trademarked Registered under Class 35.

What is a Trademark, and why is it important you may ask? Rather than attempt to answer these questions, we thought we’d refer you to these two resources:

1. IP Australia’s Website. A plethora of information on all things Trademarks, and Intellectual Property (IP) in general:   

2. 7 Reasons Why Trademarks Are Important to Your Business: An article we found that will give you some great hints and tips on why Trademarking is important. Whilst it’s US-based, the principles have a very similar application to Australia:

In a nutshell, Trademarking your business helps you to protect your brand, and to distinguish you from your competitors. It’s cost effective, and we feel it’s an important step in any business’ asset protection journey.

If Trademarking your business appeals to you, even in the slightest, please get in touch with us and we will point you in the right direction of one of the several firms that we work with here in Brisbane that can assist you.

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